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. I am confused by the meaning of the $\oplus$ (addition modulo 2) symbol in the notation.

Quantum circuit notation

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Mathematics. However, it does not reflect (and hence does not exploit) the structure of quantum states.
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. Quantum Computing #1: Dirac's Bra-Ket Notation and Tensor Product 2,408 views Oct 8, 2020 95 Dislike Share Advanced Maths 1.

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(1). We learned about the math of a quantum circuit and what it means.

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. This discussion also serves as an opportunity to introduce some notation that will be useful when discussing quantum circuit simulations of quantum Turing machines.

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Topics covered include: The axioms of quantum mechanics Quantum cryptography (quantum money, quantum key distribution) Quantum algorithms (Grover search, Shor's algorithm). .

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Q-circuit is a high level macro package designed to change that. .

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. The reversible approach also proves that a quantum circuit can, with low overhead, implement a classical circuit. .